D-Tech Communications Inc.
All your Low-Voltage Facility Communication needs met

D-Tech’s success is knowledge based ! Leading edge current CCTV systems from Wireless Ddns capable IP Cam’s with virtual 128bit encr. secured Wlans infrastructures &/or Web Enabled Digital Recording Systems are well understood. Common analog tried and true CCTV camera systems remain the popular economical choice. We provide both new and traditional systems with full customer support and complete customer training to their satisfaction to ensure full understanding by providing well documented and hands on support.

We can offer condominiums, apartment buildings or any other facility a video surveillance system based on the most recent advances in networking and camera imagery technologies that employs IP communications and digital signal processing to assure quality. A combination of indoor/outdoor video cameras generally located at points of access, entry and exit can be designed and professionally installed based on the clients’ needs. Further features can include off-site full access via secured password and encrypted high-speed internet access. Options allow any camera within the system to be fed to the local cable TV provider distribution point and inserted onto a standard television channel for condominium viewing capability, useful for lobby viewing from their homes.

Let us visit with you in your facility to assess your system and provide reasonable pricing for upgrading !