D-Tech Communications Inc.
All your Low-Voltage Facility Communication needs met

D-Tech Communications Inc. offers several modern options that take into account many aspects of communication, security, locker door monitoring and access control in all areas of self-storage facilities.?

Many options are available for different needs such as:

-Visitor and locker owner intercom and remote communication systems with 24hr full time off-site support;
-Analog, digital or IP capable video surveillance systems with remote viewing and monitoring capability;
-Visual needs including multiple LCD display units capable of showing camera scenes, dvd’s, site graphics and/or power point presentations;
-Access control card reader systems with automated vehicle and man entrance points, multi-level security compartment control etc;
-Intrusion and local door alarm systems for traffic and facility security control including remote 24hr monitoring of all systems.
-Voice / data infrastructures supporting all telephone, voice & LAN data communication needs, wireless site wide coverage with remote links;
-Locker bay door alarm monitoring systems which pin-point security breaches and initiates appropriate security responses;
-Additional levels of locker bay protection is available such as key-controlled locker motion detection to full stand alone alarm systems;