D-Tech Communications Inc.
All your Low-Voltage Facility Communication needs met

D-Tech Communications Inc. has been servicing school boards in designing, supplying and installing integrated intercom systems for the past 20 years.

For new or existing construction, D-Tech Communications Inc. works with school boards to provide essential communication from main office to classrooms, cafeteria, hallways and library. Our Bogen system has the capability for inter-communication, integrating audio sources such as DVD, Radio, CD, amplifiers, mixers, etc. Zones can be programmed based on location needs of internal and external communication.

Our Service Technicians can help you resolve problems with your existing systems—it may be as simple of a solution as changing speakers, re-programming zones or changing your handsets. In the instance that you would require a new system, we can design a system based on your school’s needs and provide you financial requirements.