D-Tech Communications Inc.
• Visitor access panel two-way communication
• Card readers with parking in/out auditing management software
• Premium condominium visitor touch screen access panels
• Friendly voice assistant available in many languages
• Intercom stations located in the underground parking
• Exterior shipping and receiving intercom stations for couriers access
D-Tech’s experience in facility security, card access and door monitoring, along with its experienced professional sales staff and technicians, can provide solutions to upgrade existing door control systems and security monitoring. Provide us with your specification or we can meet with you to discuss your requirements and provide reasonable pricing for upgrading and/or revising current or new systems.

We specialize in school security and provide access control for the safety of the children and employees--we can provide access to identified personnel and visitors thru voice or voice/video intercom systems.
All your Low-Voltage Facility Communication needs met